5th Grade

Image: West Virginia State Archives

SS.5.WV.1 Reconstruct the economic, social and political history of West Virginia through the use of primary source documents.


SS.5.WV.2 Compare and contrast the roles and functions of the government (e.g., legislative, executive and judicial branches) at the local, county and state levels.


SS.5.WV.3 Take and defend a position as to why fulfilling one's civic responsibility is important (e.g., debate, round-table discussions, etc.)


SS.5.WV.4 Sequence the events that led to the formation of the state of West Virginia (e.g., timeline).


SS.5.WV.5 Identify and explain the significance of historical experiences and geographical, social and economic factors that have helped to shape both West Virginia's and America's society.


SS.5.WV.6 Analyze the moral, ethical and legal tensions that led to the creation of the new state of West Virginia and how those tensions were resolved.