What's Up With the Fleas?


Who Are The Fleas?

After reaching the pinnacle of their lavish career in the flea circus of New York City's Hubert's Museum in the late 1800's, Emmiline and Alexander joined the ranks of the immortal in 1906. This celebrity couple found their home in West Virginia when Mrs. R.P. Dayton generously donated them to the West Virginia state collection. More than 100 years later, Emmiline and Alexander serve as "Ambassadors of Hospitality" when you enter the lobby gallery.

What Gives These Two Such a Position of Distinction?

Emmiline and Alexander are very popular artifacts in the collection. There are more inquiries regarding the whereabouts of this dynamic duo than any other single item! Many adults recall seeing the famous fleas when they were youngsters visiting the museum when it was still located in the basement of the capitol building.

They are a symbol of what many collections used to be—a conglomeration of the unusual and extraordinary. While many museums have focused their efforts on mission and interpretation in the last half of the 20th century, wonderful collections of curiousities can still be found.

Our famous fleas, Emmiline and Alexander, have been the subject of national radio commentaries and cited as a "must see" attraction in a variety of publications. And most importantly, they make us smile!

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