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West Virginia's Historic People

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Important People

Below you will find information on some of West Virginia's historic people. Some of these individuals were trailblazers in the frontier, while others were trailblazers in their professions or in social reform movements, and others controversial both in their time and today. While this list cannot be completely exhaustive, it does try to highlight a range of people to represent West Virginia's deep arts, culture and history background. To see more of West Virginia's historic people stop into the State Museum and find many more in its Discovery Rooms.

Daniel Boone
Devil Anse
Captain McBride
Pearl Buck
Gov Justice
J.R. Clifford
Mary Lou Retton
Belle Boyd
Anna Jarvis
Brad Paisley
Booker T. Washington
Jerry West
Stonewall Jackson
Diss Debar
John S. Hendricks
R.C. Byrd
John Nash
Louise Pease
George Washington
Michael Owens
Randy Moss
Benjamin Gravely
Homer Hickam
Charles Washington
Kathy Mattea
Don Knotts
J.P. Hale
Arthur Boreman
Katherine Johnson
Minnie Harper
Lenna Yost
Mildred Bateman
Chuck Yeager

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