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The Tourism Industry

New River Gorge Fall

Photo courtesy of: Ed Goody, WV Tourism

West Virginia’s newest industry in recent years is tourism. Many tourists come to West Virginia to enjoy the beautiful scenery and outdoor recreation like camping, white water rafting, hiking, hunting, skiing and zip lining. The tourism industry helps to grow other businesses who provide visitors with food and lodging, gas stations and local craft stores. Besides outdoor activities, visitors also visit West Virginia to learn about its history. Many people visit old mining towns, museums, Civil War sites and unique points around the state.

A major portion of West Virginia's tourism industry is its fairs and festivals. Across the mountain state there are many festivals throughout the year to celebrate what is special about West Virginia. From the Mothman to ramps to heritage festivals there is a celebration for everyone. See below listing for some of the more popular fairs and festivals:

The Black Walnut Festival Webpage

Vandalia Gathering Webpage

Webster County Wood Chopping Festival Webpage

West Virginia Pumpkin Festival Webpage

Mothman Festival Webpage

Fasnacht Festival Webpage

West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival Webpage

Feast of the Ramson Webpage

Bridge Day Webpage

Mountain State Forest Festival Webpage

Ripley 4th of July Celebration Webpage

Pinch Reunion Webpage

Clay County Golden Delicious Apple Festival Facebook Page

Appalachian String Band Music Festival Webpage

The West Virginia State Fair Webpage

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