West Virginia State Museum Education

K-1 Standards and Lesson Plans

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Kindergarten Standards

SS.K.18 Investigate state symbols, celebrations, holidays and prominent West Virginians.

SS.K.19 Identify the shape of West Virginia.

SS.K.20 Track the weather to illustrate West Virginia's climate.

SS.K.21 Recognize local community names.

SS.K.22 Compare and contrast past and present lifestyles of West Virginians.


1st Grade Standards

SS.1.22 Recognize and recite the state motto.

SS.1.23 Investigate the common occupations of people in West Virginia.

SS.1.24 Locate students' hometown and county on a West Virginia map.

SS.1.25 Describe the cultural life of West Virginia as reflected in games, toys and various art forms.


Lesson Plans

Kindergarten Lessons:

"Do you really need that"

"In the Mountains"

"Passing Down the Traditions"

1st Grade Lessons:

"Time Marches On"

Additional Information

K-1 Supplemental Information:

"The State Symbols"

"West Virginia's Holiday Firsts"