On Your Own

Here are some suggestions for creating questions relating to West Virginia based on the content standards and objectives.


Topic Questions:


1. What are some of the obstacles early settlers faced when they moved into western Virginia?


2. How did the natural resources found in the region help the early pioneers?


3. What were some of the challenges pioneers had to overcome to survive?


4. How has the role of a “job” changed from the early pioneer days to today?


5. What were some of the early industries in West Virginia and why did they begin here in the first place?


6. How has transportation changed West Virginia’s history? How fast did change take place?


7. How was life in the city compared to the country in the early 1900s? What was similar and what was different?


8. Based on West Virginia’s history, what do you believe will be other industries to either leave or come to the state?


9. How is life for West Virginians different depending on where they live? For example – how is living in Wheeling (north) different than living in Bluefield (south) compared to living in Martinsburg (east) and Huntington (west)?


10. How is the culture of West Virginia represented in art, music and food? How does it compare to other parts of the country?