Shaping Society

Images: West Virginia State Archives

What is the significance of these events, social movements, economic factors and geographical circumstances that caused change in West Virginia as well as the United States?


  • John Brown's Raid on the arsenal at Harpers Ferry


  • The creation of the state of West Virginia during the Civil War


  • The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad


  • The purchase of mineral rights in West Virginia in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


  • The West Virginia Mine Wars


  • UMWA (United Mine Workers of America)


  • 1907 Monongah Mine Disaster


  • Creation of the Civilian Conservation Corps.


  • Buffalo Creek flood


  • First West Virginia oil well drilled at Burning Springs, 1860


  • Rural free mail delivery begins in Charles Town, 1896


  • Chemical industries appear in the Kanawha Valley


  • New Deal homestead communities


  • John F. Kennedy defeats Humphrey in West Virginia Primary


  • 1974 Kanawha County textbook controversy


  • Completion of the West Virginia turnpike


  • West Virginia enacts the first sales tax in the country


  • President Johnson's war on poverty


  • Construction begins on the Hawks Nest Tunnel Dam


  • The clean air and water acts