Educational Resource Guide

This resource seeks to bring the West Virginia State Museum into the classroom in a new digital format. When you navigate to the main screen, you will be presented with icons to choose from grades K-5. When you select a grade, you can then choose from a variety of topics. You will also see the following icons on the main page:

Provides a complete list of West Virginia history standards.




Provides detailed lesson plans and vocabulary for the specific grade.





Offers helpful links to expand the material presented here.




Offers videos that connect to each grade's West Virginia history standards.




This section focuses on museum-centered activities and programs. It includes the current programs we offer, ideas for post-visit activities, an artifact gallery and how to schedule your visit to the West Virginia State Museum.


While the topics vary with each grade level, the material corresponds with the standards for each grade to ensure your students learn about West Virginia History in a new and exciting way!


West Virginia State Museum Education

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