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Discovery Room 18: The Great Depression

Discovery Room 18

The Great Depression hit West Virginia as hard as it did the rest of the country. Extreme poverty devastated families and towns. Yet look around this Discovery Room and you will see the resolution of West Virginians who were ready to work, and the positive effects of some of that spirit. The hard work and fine craftsmanship of some of that work can still be seen today.

For instance, did you know that Arthurdale, in Preston County, is one of the finest examples still today of the resettlement communities of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal Program. Or that many of our wonderful state parks were built during this time. Look at the cabins and stonework in the pictures here, and you will see they are still standing, and sturdy, today. Electricity reached rural communities during this time. Iceboxes, electric mixers, and yes, even irons made housework easier for women in the country and the city.

Discovery Room 18

Video courtesy of West Virginia Public Broadcasting; Videographer/Editor: Janet Kunicki; Narrator: Beth Vorhees

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