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Discovery Room 3: Conflict and Settlement

Discovery Room 3

Imagine making a 60-yard dash -- for ammunition! Legend tells us sixteen-year-old Betty Zane did just that when soldiers at Fort Henry needed ammunition stored at a cabin outside the fort. Conflicts were frequent in the days of settlement among Native Americans, early settlers, the British and the French as they each claimed the land. Eventually, European immigrants settled here, bringing their customs and industries. Even Daniel Boone settled for a time in the Kanawha Valley.

Early settlers in the region that became West Virginia faced continuous conflict, struggle and violence. The French and Indian War, the Battle of Point Pleasant and the Revolutionary War, all changed settlements and communities of the Mountain State. Even so, towns and counties were mapped out. Immigrants settled with their religious and cultural traditions. The salt industry grew. Slavery played a role in this era as well.

Discovery Room 3

Video courtesy of West Virginia Public Broadcasting; Videographer/Editor: Janet Kunicki; Narrator: Beth Vorhees

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