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Lesson Plan Guide

Search through the available K-1 Lesson Plans; 2nd Grade Lesson Plans; 3rd Grade Lesson Plans; 4th Grade Lesson Plans; 5th Grade Lesson Plans; 6th Grade Lesson Plans; 7th Grade Lesson Plans; 8th Grade Lesson Plans; and High School Lesson Plans. Also, check out our Teacher's Resources page for further helpful information.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Lesson Plans


"Do you really need that"

"In the Mountains"

"Passing Down the Traditions"

1st Grade:

"Time Marches On"

2nd Grade Lesson Plans

"Scrip, Bandannas, and a Canary"

"Man vs Machine"

"A Stitch in West Virginia Time"

"Mining for Knowledge"

3rd Grade Lesson Plans

"Mapping West Virginia's Natural Resources"

4th Grade Lesson Plans

"A Colorful Industry"

"The Fabric of the Past"

"Planes, Trains and Automobiles"

"Who was...?"

5th Grade Lesson Plans

"One Man's Deliberation, One State's Salvation"

"John Brown: The Shaping of Society"

"Immigrants in the Mountain State"

"Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight: Discovering a Statue"

6th Grade Lesson Plans

Still to come

7th Grade Lesson Plans

Still to come

8th Grade Lesson Plans

The West Virginia Humanities Council's e-WV 8th Grade Lesson Plans:

"Daily Lives and Cultures of Native Americans"

"Explorers of Western Virginia"

"French and Indian War in Western Virginia"

"West Virginia and the Revolution"

"Archaeological Study of Pioneer Forts"

"West Virginia in the Roaring 1920s"

"The Great Depression"

"Economic and Industrial Growth during World War II"

"Landmark Events of the 20th Century"

"Recent World Events and West Virginia"

High School Lesson Plans

Social Studies Standards

WV Department of Education Curriculum Standards

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